How the global pandemic is shaping interior design trends

Stuck at home in lockdown, I couldn’t help but think about how our lives have changed in the last two years. No one can deny that the pandemic has changed the way we live – especially when it comes to our homes. As we are spending a lot more time in our houses due to lockdowns and social distancing, we begin to re-evaluate how we want to use existing spaces and what we need in them. We’ve been reminded that our homes are there to shelter and protect us and not there to show off.

A lot has been said about the need for a designated work space as more and more people work and study from home, but what other interior design trends are being shaped by the pandemic? And are they here to stay?

Biophilic Design

Live plant in a rattan basket represents bringing outdoors indoors to improve our well-being

Biophilic design sounds like something you need a science degree in, but the concept is really simle, and many of us are doing it already to some degree.

It involves using nature in interior spaces, and it can be as simple as adding live plants to your living room, using natural materials like rattan, jute or timber to creating clear sight lines for a window that overlooks the garden.

It’s been proven that bringing outdoors in have a beneficial impact on our health and well-being, and since we’re spending more time indoors due to prolonged lockdowns, a little bit of nature can enhance our productivity, have a healing effect on our mental health and calm the anxiety.

Designer’s tip: Bring the indoors in by putting plants in rattan woven baskets, installing botanical wallpaper in the bedroom or decorating with aromatic fresh fruit!

Curves and Rounded Shapes

Rounded shapes and curves in the joinery, basins and mirrors represent growing interior design trend shaped by the pandemic

The curved trend has emerged as one of the biggest interior design trends of 2021. The curves are everywhere – from furniture, island benchtops and bathroom vanities to softly curved walls.

This trend has really come into its own in 2021 with the stay-at-home orders making us re-evaluate our surroundings and the impact they make on our mental wellbeing.

A rounded element has soothing energy as opposed to hard edges; the curves soften and relax the room. They offer a sense of comfort and flexibility, and they are soothing to the eye. The rounded shapes create a sense of movement and give an illusion of depth, which are great for small spaces.

Designer’s tip: Incorporate this trend by introducing a curved mirror, a rounded vase or round side table to your space

Vintage Colours and Textures

Terracotta and pink colour scheme is reassuring, hopeful and fun and on trend

The restoring palette is a combination of warm neutrals with rich colours such as blue, rust and coral, and pops of pink and terracotta. It is inspired by  the retro influence of the 70s and manifests our desire for reassurance and familiarity in uncertain times. But it’s also hopeful and fun allowing us to create  happy and energetic space.

Designer’s tip: Balance the pop of colour with a neutral background and a warm timber for a cohesive colour scheme with an added element of texture


Smart rimless toilets represent global trend - hygiene

Good hygiene has never been as important as during the pandemic. The constant hand washing, antiseptic solutions and facial masks are all signs of our times.

While cleanliness has always been a goal in designing bathrooms, coronavirus has increased the need for creating hygienic and safe environments. Smart toilets like the Japanese designed Toto have seen an increase in demand around the globe. The rimless toilets and toilets with nanotech anti-bacterial glaze technology are getting increasingly popular in Australia. The smart sanitaryware is recognised for its self-cleaning ability and hygienic design and technology that can prevent the spread of germs.

Designer’s tip: Opt for a smart toilet like Roca In-Wash Inspira Rimless toilet or Studio Bagno Alexander Rimless toilet with anti-bacterial glaze



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