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  • How the global pandemic is shaping interior design trends

    Stuck at home in lockdown, I couldn’t help but think about how our lives have changed in the last two years. No one can deny that the pandemic has changed the way we live – especially when it comes to our homes. As we are spending a lot more time in our houses due to lockdowns and social distancing, we begin to re-evaluate how we want to use existing spaces and what we need in them. We’ve been reminded that our homes are there to shelter and protect us and not there to show off.

    A lot has been said about the need for a designated work space as more and more people work and study from home, but what other interior design trends are being shaped by the pandemic? And are they here to stay?

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  • Frank Boyle and the art of solitude

    I first met Frank when I just moved to Sydney in 2002. We met at the yoga studio in Williams street and remained in touch ever since. Frank was a painter, whose moody evocative landscapes resonated with me. Life has taken us on different paths, and although we don’t see each other often these days, I still follow Frank in his personal and artistic endeavours. And my, what endeavours they were! Frank got married, lived and painted in India and moved to the Blue Mountains. And he’s grown to be an accomplished artist represented today by two well-known galleries.

    My admiration for creatives are well-known, and painters hold a special place in my heart. I chat to Frank about his life, his art and embracing the solitude.

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  • Why you should buy art and where to buy it

    I’ve always been passionate about art. I love looking at art, I love discovering new artists, and I love to own art. If I won Powerball, that’s where I think the money would go – collecting art!

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  • Meet Jennifer Crawford, your New Home Coach

    Imagine being able to have a house that you always wanted – beautifully built, functional, sustainable, tailored to your family needs. To be able to pick everything yourself – from the number of the rooms to the size of the bathroom, from the colour of the house to the kitchen sink.

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  • Meet Ruth Lazerson, textile designer and business entrepreneur

    Ruthie L. designs started with a simple idea – the desire to design and produce beautiful bespoke rugs. Its founder, textile designer Ruth Lazerson wanted to translate her passion for colour and texture into unique and timeless statement rugs.

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  • Meet Helen Wiese, an emerging artist and all-around amazing person

    Helen and I met back in 2010 when our kids first started school. We have become friends, and I’ve been thanking my lucky stars ever since, as she is the kind of friend everyone loves to have: generous, kind, supportive and fun. She is my go-to person in a crisis, my shoulder to cry on and my ear to vent off.

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