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Why you should buy art and where to buy it

I’ve always been passionate about art. I love looking at art, I love discovering new artists, and I love to own art. If I won Powerball, that’s where I think the money would go – collecting art!

To me, art is an essence of home, it is something that makes home unique and personal. It adds visual interest to the living space and has an ability to take it from ordinary to the extraordinary.

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So why is art still considered last if at all when we renovate or re-decorate? Why do we still feel intimidated by art?

Art is often perceived as unattainable, exclusive and expensive. We still think that collecting art is an occupation only for the wealthy and connoisseurs. When it comes to selecting art, we do not consider ourselves an expert, we are unsure about our tastes, and we worry that it will not go with the style of our house. We also do not know where to buy art, how to select the right artwork size or how to correctly hang it.

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In reality, anyone can be an art collector. A good piece of art does not have to be expensive. You should buy something that you love, something that touches your heart and soul, be it a gallery piece or a drawing from your local Sunday market. Trust your heart, disregard current trends and go for something that you will be happy to look at for many years to come.

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Art speaks to all of us in a different way. For example, I always loved abstract art. There is always an artist’s story behind an abstract piece that draws me in, but there is also always some degree of ambiguity about it, an opportunity to re-imagine it and add something personal to the visual story. But you may be enthralled by the countryside landscape that reminds you of your childhood, or a drawing of a pretty flower that makes you smile. Buying art is an act of passion, and you should not be afraid of displaying it!

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There is also something to be said about buying original art and supporting local artists. The Australian market has been flooded by the mass produced cheap art and art prints that is fed by our insatiable consumerism and desire for new and fashionable. But original art is unique, it’s a labour of love by the artist, and it is something that you will cherish forever.

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There are a number of online art galleries that sell original art and high quality limited edition prints by Australian artists. They bring art to the people in a way that is more personal and accessible while supporting local emerging talents. Check these galleries out, browse their art collections, and who knows, you may discover a passion like you never knew before!

Bluethumb is Australia’s largest online gallery. You can buy original paintings, aboriginal art, drawings and limited edition prints from established and emerging local artists curated by the Bluethumb team. The prices start at $99 for original art, so there is art for any budget. And if you do not love the art you bought, you can return it within 7 days for your money back. And they will even cover the return freight! Bluethumb also have an app that makes browsing their art collection from any devise much easier.

Bluethumb Molly Napurrurla Tasman – Seed Dreaming

Artpharmacy is an online gallery that sells affordable art by Australian based emerging and established artists. Art is divided into original paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints collections that make browsing a breeze. When you buy a piece on Art Pharmacy you know that you are supporting local artists in Australia.


StateoftheArt Gallery is an Australian branch of South African high quality affordable online gallery State of the Art. It represents emerging and mid career Australian and South African artists. You can find nudes, landscapes, abstract art and portraits curated by the team of artists at reasonable prices.

StateoftheArt Gallery Lezanne Kotze Triad

If you want to buy art but not sure where to begin, please get in touch. I can help you to select art that will resonate with you and reflect your taste and personality and will make you happy for many years to come.

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